A Passion for Flowers

I must have flowers, always, and always. ~Claude Monet

Floral ideas for events

Growing up, I loved being in my grandfather’s garden.  He grew many flowers, but his love was roses.  Each spring he would remove the bushel baskets that he used to protect the roses from the winter weather.  He would rake up the fall leaves that had provided warmth and individually check each rose bush.  He would add new bushes that he ordered from the flower catalogs.  His yard was full of blooms by June.

I was not living in the area when my grandparent’s house was sold.  When I moved back, I contacted the people who had purchased their house and I asked if I could remove one of the remaining rose bushes.  They willingly allowed my sister and me to each take a rose bush.  Every spring, when the red roses bloom, I lovingly remember how much they meant to my grandfather.

Last weekend was the annual New York in Bloom at the state museum.  My husband took photos of our favorites.  I liked those arrangements that combined fresh flowers with silk flowers or fruit.  These arrangements are more affordable to assemble and can be reworked for more than one occasion.

Apple photo

Flowers, whether used at a formal affair, or arranged in a vase on your kitchen table, add color and elevate your mood. They can set the scene for an event as is evident with this woodland cross country ski arrangement.  I can imagine drinks by a roaring fire, cheese fondue and a warm comforting dessert like a cobbler or molten lava cake.

Snowshoes photo

One of my favorite books is A Passion for Flowers by Carolyne Roehm.  The floral photos are truly exquisite and provide a wealth of ideas for any occasion.  Carolyne states that “flowers give beauty, color and fragrance, strength and continuity, in a world that is increasingly difficult and hectic.”   “Our reactions to flowers are so powerful that flowers possess many of the qualities our souls long for.”

When I saw the arrangement below, I thought about a summer family picnic with fried chicken and deviled eggs.  That hen, a wonderful bit of whimsy, was a perfect addition to the flowers.

Flower cart

It can be challenging to decorate with flowers when celebrating the men in our lives.  This arrangement fits the bill for those occasions.  If boots are a little too large, I envisioned using a pair of sneakers for something casual or dress shoes with a low profile arrangement.  Let your imagination fly.

Boots with flowers

Finally, this table scape was fabulous.  Several lanterns, candles and a few bunches of tulips transformed this table into something magnificent.  It showed how we can take things around our home and turn them into a beautiful accent. This arrangement would be terrific for anything from a dinner party to a wedding.

Lantern and tulip table scape

As the final days of winter are upon us, a quote from Carolyne Roehm seems very appropriate.  “The first days of spring are a gift to the spirit.  When the daffodils explode, the garden is a constant and ever-changing source of joy!”

I hope these photos give you some event inspiration and don’t forget to “take time to smell the roses.”

Patricia Rio
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