Gingersnap Cookies

“If cookies be the food of love…munch on” ~-Dame Judi Dench

Chewy Gingersnap Cookies

Cookies with molasses and spices, from gingerbread men to old fashioned molasses cookies, just scream Christmas to me. As a child, I loved being able to help in the kitchen; and I especially loved decorating the cookies.
When researching the history of these cookies, I found that they evolved from the traditional German cookie, Lebkuchen, which was invented by German monks in the thirteenth century.
According to John Mariani of The Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink, “snap” probably derives from the German or Middle Dutch, snappen, which means “to seize quickly.” In relation to cookies, it’s an informal way of saying they’re easy or “a snap to make.”

Chewy Gingersnap Cookies

I always like to try new recipes to see if I can find something better than I already have. Well, I am glad that I tried this recipe from a new cookbook entitled Sweet by Valerie Gordon. She owns Valerie Confections in Los Angeles.
Valerie groups her recipes by how they will be plated. For example, celebration desserts are in the chapter called “Pedestal.” Everyday cakes are in the chapter entitled “Plate.”
The photography is gorgeous and makes you want to try every recipe. The photos of the chocolates and confections are especially enticing.
This cookbook would be a great gift for the food lover in your life.
This recipe can be found in the Los Angeles Times’ inside scoop on food.

Patricia Rio
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