Halloween and Fall Decorating Ideas

Decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving

It’s a little late to be talking about Halloween; but the past few weeks have been a little overwhelming.  I promise to be much more punctual in the future.

Decorating for holidays and special occasions is deeply implanted in my genetic makeup.  My grandmother was the queen of decorating.  There was never a flat service that didn’t have some kind of tchotchke on top of it.  Most of those items were handmade by both of my grandparents.

This genetic trait passed to my mother, my aunt and then to me. Making my home special for all types of celebrations is pure joy. Words can’t even describe how excited I get. I hope to share this excitement with you.

Halloween witch wreath

My neighborhood is visited by many ghosts and goblins every Halloween.  Outdoor decorating is very big and lots of fun.  For my pumpkins this year, I was inspired by a pin I found on pinterest.

Halloween pumpkin
The wired ribbon and the buttons were purchased at Michaels. I liked the black and white combination.  I decorated two pumpkins one with BOO and the other with an R – the initial for my last name.

The Halloween wreath was inspired by one that I found on Etsy.  It was very expensive; and replicating it was not difficult.

Halloween witch wreath
I purchased a premade wreath from a local vendor that can be used year after year.  I removed the bow from that wreath and used it for another project.  The witch hat was purchased from www.candyapplecostumes.com.  The witch legs were purchased from www.razimports.com.  Both the hat and the legs were wired onto the wreath using paddle wire so that they could easily be removed in the future.  For less than 1/3 of the original cost, I created the same fun wreath.

Witch hat on the Halloween wreath

I welcome friends and family to my home by creating a vignette in the foyer that relates to each celebration.

Fall vignette
For fall, I purchased some silk flowers and leaves and arranged them in a vase.  I added some peacock feathers that have been in my cache for a long time.  It is elevated on a small stepping stool to give it more of a presence; and it has some very bumpy fall gourds beside it. The welcome pillow was purchased at Michaels for 19.99.

Finally, the fireplace mantle carries through with the gourd theme.  To add some height to the arrangement, I placed some dried fall flowers and grasses in a glass vase.  A simple square burlap bag was sewn with a remnant of burlap purchased at JoAnn Fabrics.  The bag is tied around the neck of the vase with some twine.  The finishing touch was a string of small orange Halloween lights. The twinkle of these lights in the dark brings back those magical childhood moments.
Fall mantle display
The last thing I do for Halloween is to put orange light bulbs in the window candles that I use for Christmas.  It is priceless!!
I hope these Halloween and Fall Decorating Ideas bring you inspiration.  Happy holidays!!


Patricia Rio
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