May Day celebrations

In and out, in and out,
Weave the ribbons tight;
‘Round the Maypole we will dance
To the left and to the right.~ Old Chant

May 1st, or May day, is celebrated in many rural towns of England, Germany, Scandinavia and the Slavic countries to this day.

The maypole, a tree trunk, is planted in the ground.  Colorful ribbons, flowers and wreaths decorate the maypole.
Residents, dressed in ancestral costumes, dance around the maypole in particular patterns.  These movements weave the ribbons to form patterns, such as braids, on the pole.  An article on Martha Stewart’s website describes these dances and other traditions associated with May Day.
I like May Day baskets because it is a nice way to remind your friends and family how important they are to you.
This year, I found adorable berry baskets and old fashioned floral hankies at Fancyflours.  After enjoying the gift, there are still great leftovers.
Here are the steps:

Baslets and hankies

Cut two equal lengths of ribbon, one from each color. Knot each ribbon on opposite corners.  Join the two ribbons at the top of the arc with a bow made using both ribbon colors.

Place the folded hankie in the bottom of the basket.

Completed basket

Fill the basket with flowers or treat of your choice.

Finished basket

I will fill my baskets with cookies.  The recipe will follow shortly.

Have a wonderful May Day!!


Patricia Rio
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