Tiger Cake

“This is not the marble cake of your childhood!” ~ Alice Medrich

A Hipper Version of Marble Cake

Today, you can find cakes that have any imaginable shape baked inside them. I have seen hearts, shamrocks and bunnies to name a few.

However, when I was young, surprise images inside cakes had not even been thought of yet.  Most of the time my mother, a very good baker, baked chocolate and vanilla cakes.   I remember the first time she made a marble cake. When that first slice was removed, the whole family marveled at the design inside. Every time you cut into a marble cake the design will be totally unique. The process is magical.

This tiger cake, the creation of Alice Medrich, is not anything like the old fashioned version. It is much hipper.

Tiger cake

The batter for this cake is full of flavor due to the extra virgin olive oil and fresh ground white pepper. The “tiger” striping happens naturally, while the cake is baking, due to the way the batter is layered in the pan.

Tiger cake
The only change I made to the recipe was to top it with a vanilla glaze. The cake is delicious plain, but I just had to make it a little fancier.


For a complete list of ingredients and preparation instructions go here.


Patricia Rio
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