Weekly Tip: Fun with ice

The only drink I like ice in is water, because you can’t water down water. ~ Jarod Kintz

Fun with ice

In this week’s tips, we are going to dispel that quote.

Ice… sooo cold and frosty.  It is craved on those hot humid days of summer.  We drop it into our beverage and it cracks and pops, rattling up against the side of the glass.  Ice need not be boring.

Freeze leftover iced tea and coffee.

Frozen tea

Freeze pureed fruit and juices. In the hugs and kisses mold I pureed pineapple. Check out Sara Molten’s revelations about freezing fruit puree.

Freeze a maraschino cherry in seltzer or orange juice.  Imagine that in your mimosa.

Frozen maraschino cherries

Freeze raspberries, blackberries or any small piece of fruit in seltzer water cubes.

Freeze edible flowers, such as roses or pansies, in seltzer water cubes.  They are so pretty floating in your drink. Check out this beautiful frozen floral ice bucket.

Use fun ice cube trays to create different shaped cubes.  Add a hug and a kiss to a loved one’s drink.  You can even make chocolate milk cubes for your children.   Such simple fun!!

Fruit puree hugs and kisses

For a great grown-up frozen treat, check out my frozen margarita recipe.


Patricia Rio
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