Weekly Tip: How to Peel a Banana

“I guess I’ve always been a food obsessive, and it has gotten worse the older I’ve gotten.” ~ Nora Ephron in Gourmet, 2009


Are you wondering why anyone would blog about peeling bananas?  Well, my husband and I are vacationing in Cooperstown this week; and I wanted to keep the posts simple. Plus, the amount of information that is available on this topic is shocking. Who would have known?

This photo of yellow kayaks on Lake Otsego also reminded me of bananas.

Kayaks on Otsego Lake

At wikiHow you will find the following nine methods:

The Monkey method
The Snap method
Four split method
Throwing method
Upside down method
Thumbnail method
Twist method
Break and peel method  and
Slice and peel method

You Tube has a short video, published on March 16, 2013, about the coolest was to peel a banana.
This is just some of the information out there; and if you care to peel a banana without bruising the fruit check it out.

P.S.  My favorite method is the Monkey method.  You open the banana from the tip end rather than the stem end.  I certainly didn’t learn to peel bananas with this method.

Patricia Rio
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