Weekly Tip: How to Restock Your Pantry and Save Money

 “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned” ~ Benjamin Franklin

 Four Ways To Save Money When Restocking Your Pantry

Fall has definitely arrived in upstate New York.  The temperatures have dipped; and although we have not had a killing frost yet, thank goodness, it is just around the corner.  For me, that means that my cooking style changes to heartier, more comforting food.

Since my pantry needs some TLC to get ready for those satisfying fall and winter meals, it became my inspiration for this post.

Pantry staples

A well-stocked pantry has the following benefits:

  • Prevents those last minute dashes to the market for a forgotten item
  • Guarantees that you always have the basics to cook or bake

Items in your pantry will certainly be tweaked by your personal food preferences; but certain things should always be included.  After much searching, I found what I think is the most inclusive pantry list; and it is printable.

When restocking your pantry, don’t buy more than you will use in six months in order to avoid expired “use by” dates.

Here are four ways to save some money when you restock:

  • Buy spices from bulk bins.  Food co-ops and some food stores have bins of spices that enable you to buy as much or as little as you want. Don’t overstock as spices have a shelf life of about 12 months.
  • Compare the bulk prices of other items, like grains, nuts and cereal, to their prepackaged equivalents.  You can often save quite a lot from the bulk bins.
  • Stock up when you find great sales on pantry staples like olive oil, canned tuna etc.
  • Comparison shop prices among the food stores in your area.  When you find the best prices, consistently shop at that store.

Pantry staples

Here’s to a well-stocked pantry that will reduce your frustration and help you cook healthy delicious meals.

Patricia Rio
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