Weekly Tip: Saving Money on Paper Towels


“Smart Shopping: Save Money while you Spend” ~ Anita Bell

Getting the best deal on paper towels

I’m not sure how many paper towels you use; but in my home we use so many that my husband say’s we should own stock in the paper towel companies.  For this reason, the research for this week’s tip was very informative. Paper Towels There is a lot of information on a roll of paper towels.  You will find:

  • The number of sheets per roll
  • Whether the sheets are one ply or two ply
  • The number of square feet per roll or per package

Additionally, you see words like Jumbo, Giant, 2X more absorbent and 33% more. The easiest way to compare prices, relative to the size of the package, is to check out the square footage.  I found, during my research, that some packages were claiming a greater percentage of sheets but actually contained less square footage. The ply refers to the number of layers in the towel and the implied strength and durability of each towel. I have always used 1 ply paper towels; and they perform very well. The detective in me wanted to delve a little deeper; and I discovered a terrific blog post entitled, How to find the Best Deals on Paper Towels. This blog post has a printable spreadsheet that covers the following:

  • The top 5 best price per sheet – Regular rolls
  • The top 5 best price per sheet – Select a Size
  • The top price per sheet by brand

I was very happy to see that her top choice was Bounty Select-A-Size Huge Roll.  It is my favorite too. Here’s to saving money on paper towels.

Patricia Rio
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