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I’m here today to get chocolate chips and brown sugar, I decided to make cookies and brownies. ~ Carol Brown

Weekly Tip:  Brown Sugar

If you don’t use brown sugar on a regular basis, it can become very hard. The most important thing you can do to retain freshness, is to store your brown sugar in an airtight container.
There are also several options that will prevent the brown sugar from getting hard.
The method that I use, to keep the sugar from getting hard in the first place, is to insert a clay disk that has been soaked in water for about 30 minutes into my storage container.

Soak the clay disk

Dry the disc after soaking and place it in the brown sugar container and seal.  The moisture, absorbed by the clay, keeps the sugar soft.

Clay disk
You can also place a few fresh marshmallows in the container and seal it.  The moisture from the marshmallows will keep the brown sugar soft.
If the sugar is already hard, put a few apple slices into the container and seal.  The moisture from the apples will soften the brown sugar overnight.

Apple slices with brown sugar
You can also place a slice of bread on top of the sugar and the moisture from the bread will soften the brown sugar.
If the sugar seems beyond repair, put the container in the microwave with a small bowl of water. Microwave for about 1 minute.  Check the sugar to see if it has softened.  If not, continue microwaving until the sugar is soft.  NOTE: Don’t heat the sugar so much that you melt it.

If you need brown sugar and don’t have any, you can easily make your own with just two ingredients.  Check out Joy the Baker’s blog post with all the directions.

Finally, since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, mix your brown sugar with a few other ingredients and make a homemade body scrub for Mom.  At Simple Blessings Design, you will find a recipe and a free printable tag to adorn the jar.



Patricia Rio
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