World Peace Cookies

“Of all the cookies you will bake and eat during the holidays, this is the one people will remember.” ~ Dorie Greenspan

Out of This World Chocolate Cookies

The above quote relative to this wonderful recipe says it all. These cookies are intensely chocolate with a tender crumb and little bits of bittersweet chocolate throughout the cookie. I think they may be the best chocolate cookie I have ever eaten.

They get their name from Dorie Greenspan’s neighbor who became convinced that a daily dose of these cookies was all that is needed to ensure planetary peace and happiness.  As the new year approaches, let’s wish that world peace could be so easy.

These cookies are so elegant, they go perfectly with champagne.

World Peace Cookies

For this recipe, the dough is formed into a log and can be frozen for up to two months; which makes  them perfect for those last minute guests who may come to visit.  Just slice and bake and you have a fabulous dessert.

The recipe, by Pierre Herme, and baking directions can be found at Food 52.
Keep these in mind for your New Year’s Eve celebration.

Patricia Rio
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