In my experience, food and passion always intertwine.  Passion is food for the soul’s mood at any particular time. ~ Tammy Mollai

Welcome, my name is Pat and I have a passion for the many ways that food enhances our lives.

Good food not only can provide us with great nutrition; but it can stimulate our brain to give us a feeling of well-being. Food brings people together around the table to share their lives; and it is these experiences that touch our psyche or soul.

I am self-taught and began my love of food in my maternal grandmother’s kitchen. She was always cooking and baking for her family, grandchildren and friends. Her passion was passed down; and my childhood home was filled with fabulous desserts.

I came to love cookbooks; and to this day I devour them like novels reading from cover to cover.  Everything food, from magazines to food TV, is consumed.

With this blog, my experiences creating food adventures, whether a simple dinner by the fire or an elegant bridal shower, will be shared with you.  Let’s find many reasons to celebrate!

My home is in upstate New York with my husband, who takes many of the food photos, and my therapy dog Schuyler, a Shetland Sheepdog.

Schuyler and Iagan