Sugar Steak with Bourbon

“Every year the Kentucky Derby is held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky on the first Saturday in May. It’s a beautiful time of year to visit Louisville, and while the Kentucky Derby is the most exciting two minutes in sports, you’ll find way more than two minutes of entertainment when you attend the most popular thoroughbred horse race in the United States.” ~ Meg Massie

Bourbon and Brown Sugar Steak

This Saturday is the Kentucky Derby Race. Growing up near Saratoga, New York, where they have the oldest racetrack in the United States, provided me with the opportunity to become familiar with well known thoroughbreds.

I enjoy watching this race and observing all the regalia that surrounds it. Part of my fascination comes from my love of wide brimmed hats.  I adore them and wish that wearing hats was more in vogue.

Since Kentucky is synonymous with bourbon, recipes containing this ingredient are popular derby fare. This steak, marinated with bourbon, is from one of my favorite blog sites, Food 52.

Sugar steak with bourbon

The recipe states that you can marinade the steak for as little as 30 minutes. My recommendation is to marinate the meat for several hours to achieve the best flavor.

Additionally, be sure to cut the flank steak across the grain to get tender slices of meat.

Cutting across the grain

For a complete list of ingredients and preparation instructions, go here.

Patricia Rio
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